the company

Carmela Designs takes pride in how a beautifully designed good can bear a positive effect on ones life.We value good design and aesthetics and aim to apply those ideals to individual projects and products to connect with clients and bring a sense of joy into their life. At the end of the day, to us, it's the simple things that matter. 

Who is Carmela? Carmela Designs adopted the name after the founder's grandmother, Carmela Bencivengo. From a young age the founder, Lauren, would send Carmela handmade cards and paintings, knowing how much her grandmother loved and admired the work. When Lauren decided to turn her love of painting into a business, it only felt right to her to name it after her grandmother. 

Carmela Designs wants to work with you and help you realize whatever design dreams you have in mind. If you have any questions or inquiries, we always love to chat with people. 


the designer


Hi! My name is Lauren Bencivengo, I am the founder and creator behind Carmela Designs. I studied Interior Design at Miami University of Ohio, and currently work as a full time Interior Designer at an architecture firm in San Diego, California.

I have loved painting as a child and picked it back up again during my undergraduate studies while also feeding my curiosity of learning Calligraphy and Hand lettering. I soon became obsessed and started doing a variety of small projects for friends and family, such as invites, greeting cards, or illustrations. This quickly grew into a passion and I decided to do more with it. I created Carmela Designs with the hopes of being able to use my artist skills and love of design to create beautiful products that can be enjoyed by all.

I currently work on all projects from my desk in my one bedroom apartment in La Jolla. When I am not at my day job and not painting at home, you will probably find me eating tacos with my husband, cooking in the kitchen, or spending time with close friends and family.

My goal is to provide clients with my creative attitude and love of design to help them discover what brings meaning into their lives.
— Lauren Bencivengo

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