My 30 Day Challenge: The Second 10 Days

Thank you for following me along on this challenge of mine. These last 10 days flew by! It is hard to believe I only have 10 left. But after these next ten days, I finally get to go on my honeymoon, so I am excited to get through them. If you missed out on the first ten days, or have no idea what I am talking about, check out the first part of this series here.

Here are the last ten days below.

The goal of these reflections is to help me understand myself and my creativity and hopefully help me develop my artist voice and style. So like the last post, I am going to state ten things I like (or don’t like) about the past ten days. I will try to not repeat myself from my last post.

1. For some reason this week I had a hard time finding inspiration and motivation. This challenge is great because it is forcing me to create every day and form habits, but I am also forcing myself to draw when I don’t feel mentally inclined. It was causing some frustration and procrastination. I don’t like creating when I am stressed. To really feel free and into what I am creating I like to be excited and eager, not stressed and forced.

2. Color graduation and blending with color pencil is fun to me. I like taking a step back, metabolizing the different colors to build the gradients, and then start layering. It is a process, and can be hell for a larger piece. But it is kind of magical at the end when you step back and see it all come together.

3. During this week, I also finished reading “Find Your Artistic Voice” by Lisa Congdon. Which is one of the books that inspired me to start on this challenge. In one of the artist interviews with Martha Rich, she said something that really resonated with me. Martha’s advice to an artist just starting to find their voice was to not think about and just create. That is how you find your genuine voice. When I approached something thinking about how it might relate to my artistic voice or if it fits into what I was thinking what my voice SHOULD be, it felt fake. I need to remind myself to draw whatever it I feel like, without thinking about the outcome.

4. Iike being more open about my art. I use to feel that my artistic skills were odd, and not something as celebrated as say ones intelligence or athleticism. I believe anyone can draw. Sure you may not be good at it at first, but it something you can practice and improve on. (I am sure people would tell me the same thing about intelligence and athleticism; you can read more or train more, and improve your skills.) For me, my art wasn’t something I really showcased, probably because I felt, and still feel, it is not the best out there, so why show it. But I am learning, one way to being a better artist is sharing my art. The more confident I am about my work, the more confident my artistic voice will be.

5. Half of an art piece is the inspiration that it is created from. I am trying to be more mindful of myself and my surroundings to be more open to inspiration. Letting my thoughts run, scribbling things down that come to mind at random times, and finding ideas that make me excited. It is easy today to just turn to pinterest and instagram and see what others are doing. I LOVE the feeling of when I just think of something randomly while driving and then it turns into something unique to me and my thoughts.

6. I don’t like when I take bad pictures of my work. For example, day 20 is probably my new favorite drawing, but the picture does not do it justice. I had to take that picture in the morning, and the sunlight is showing up later and later, and it just doesn’t look great. If I am going to take the time to make my work, I should put just as much work into capturing it.

7. I like connecting my work to people I have met or places I have been. Plain and simple, my own experience matter to me.

8. I want to start expressing more humor in my work. I sercertly think I am hilarious. It would be fun to challenge myself to show it visually.

9. I do feel my artistic voice should have a positive message and some how connect with people. But I don’t know what the message is yet.

10. I am liking this challenge! I am already brainstorming what I could do next to keep the creativity flowing.

I already know my last 10 days will be tough. Evan and I have so much going on to get ready for our honeymoon, and I have a lot happening at work, and Two custom Weddings I am working on. But I am committed to finishing and finishing strong.

Thank you to all that have supported me so far!