Bed, Bath, & Beyond Collection

"Cloth & Co + Dwell on Design Textile to Furniture Competition"


Concept/Letter Of Interest

There is a theory that if you want something good and fast, it will not be cheap, and if you want something good and cheap, it will not be fast. While I followed this theory as a guideline, I thought that there should one day be an exception. I admire Cloth & Co. for their mission to challenge that concept by getting well-designed custom furniture to people in a quick fashion, for an affordable price. The chance to be a part of this mission and set a new precedent in the design world is a valuable opportunity.

    Through my travels and experience I believe that everything has a design, and that everyone should have equal access to good design. I personally describe good design as having  a function, a timeless aesthetic, and bringing purpose and meaning into one’s life. With the goal of Cloth & Co. and my determination for good design everywhere, I wanted to create textiles designs that reflect both of our ideals.

    When sketching out some concept designs, I decided to draw inspiration from types of good design I dwell on in my daily life: Architecture, Fashion, and Everyday Objects. The intent of my designs is to reflect my values of good design in a fabric pattern to be applied onto an item which can be enjoyed by all for the lifetime of the product.

    Today I am training to become a licensed commercial Interior Designer, and every day since graduating in 2015 I am still learning all the different ways design can impact someone’s life. In my free time, I wanted an extra creative outlet that felt more limitless with my creativity, so I began to teach myself lettering and illustrating, and I started my own business, Carmela Paper Designs, where I create custom projects for clients through the use of paper design. Even as my values of good design change and adapt to what I learn and experience, I will always believe that good design should fill our world to make it a better place for all in one form or another. 
    The three pieces I created for this RFP began with concept sketching and paint studies, then evolved into three hand painted patterns using gouache paint. The first, Architecture, is inspired by contrasts of building facades. The second, Fashion, is inspired by the dress form and the many textures that are found in fashion design and textiles. The third and final pattern, Everyday Objects, is inspired by the simple forms and variations of simple objects around me, such as paint brushes and books.